het TheaterFestival


Louis Janssens


Tue 10.09, 20:30


Wed 11.09, 20:30


Basic tarif: €20 / +65: €18 / -26: €16
Kansentarief: €4




50 min.


Dutch ★★★★ (You need to be able to understand Dutch really well)


Jury quote:
"Desire is a must-see: moving, inspiring and a powerful gesture of acceptance and connection"

Desire takes place in the transition from night to day, from dark to light. The moment when possibilities become visible. What thoughts and doubts come into play during this so-called “blue hour”? The performance is set at that very moment of unfulfilled desire.

With a newly written text as a starting point, Louis Janssens is on stage with three actors. Four lonely souls take us into their personal thoughts, doubts, fears and desires. They share what they would normally not dare to show to each other. In Desire they do, only to discover that they are actually quite similar.

Desire is a quiet performance about the desire to experience something. To be loved, to be touched. The universal longing for connection is made tangible in a playful and personal way. The audience is taken into a recognizable and intimate world of thoughts.

After the solo performance Serenade (selected for #nieuwjong of Het TheaterFestival 2021) and the duet Analoog with Willem de Wolf/De HOE (selection Het TheaterFestival and Nederlands Theater Festival 2023), Louis Janssens has now created the performance Desire with a group of young queer actors. It is the next step in creating performances that manage to portray a poetic and intimate as well as joyful and playful world.



“In de wonderschone voorstelling Desire hunkeren vier mensen ernaar gezien te worden.”


“Desire is met minimale middelen een innemende ode aan de vitaliteit.”

—De Standaard


From/with: Louis Janssens
Performers: Mourad Baaiz, Mick Galliot Fabré en Joshua Smits
Final direction: Peter Seynaeve
Lighting & technique: Eva Dermul en Lies Van Loock
Production manager: Ruth Sarens
Production: vzw Louis
With support of: Monty, C-mine, CAMPO, De Brakke Grond, Theaterfestival Boulevard en de Vlaamse Overheid
Thanks to: Kaaitheater, Simon Baetens, Tim Taveirne, Elsemieke Scholte en Willem de Wolf