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Programme ‘24

The WijkJury consists of a dozen city inhabitants of different ages and cultural backgrounds who rarely go to the theater, and a WijkBuddy who guides them through their city’s performing arts landscape. Together they visit about 10 diverse performances a year in theaters in their city. At the end of the season they choose their favourite: The Choice of the WijkJury.

WijkJury Antwerpen

The Antwerp WijkJury was put together in 2024 by WijkBuddy Noémie Ntoto. Until 2023, she worked as project coordinator artistic youth work at Trix. She herself is active in the music world as a singer/songwriter and you can see her at work as Mimi WaterFall.

The WijkJury 2024:

  • Ahmed Alhamdan
  • Jennefer Abrahams
  • Lino Talaveron
  • Costavina Patty
  • Alara Adilow
  • Stijn Polleunis
  • Jan De Ceuleneer
  • Hawa Loosen


The programme of 2024:

  • Framed — hetpaleis/ Karolien Verlinden
  • We gaan deur! — Trappelend Talent, Nyira Hens & Bruno Vanden Broecke
  • Nu ben ik Medea — Khadija El Kharraz Alami
  • The Dowry — Tamara Mamulashvili & Tengo Eminashvili
  • Mud Mother — Maisie Woodford
  • What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete — Het Zuidelijk Toneel
  • Doesdicon & Chaignaud — Tânia Carvalho / François Chaignaud / Dançando com a diferença
  • Hier ben ik — Manu Moreau / Martha!tentatief
  • Songs for no one — Nastaran Razawi Khorasani
  • Liefde is van hout — Bruno Vanden Broecke, Bart Voet en Esmé Bos


The Antwerp projectpartners:

Arenberg / DE SINGEL / c o r s o / hetpaleis / De Studio / Monty / Opera Ballet van Vlaanderen

[Read the WijkJury’s findings in the jury report in Dutch]

WijkJury Brussel 

The Brussels WijkJury was put together by WijkBuddies Kamal Kaosara and Camille Thiry. Kamal further mentored the group with Ilaria Cascone. Since 2020, Kamal has worked as a cultural programmer for Cosmos VZW. He is also part of the Art For All team at Globe Aroma, an initiative where people from newcomer backgrounds can get to know the artistic offerings in Brussels.

The WijkJury 2024:

  • Nariman Al nasser
  • Elise Dozo
  • Justin Farre
  • Gina Goxha
  • Azad Abdul
  • Aziz Zeman
  • Damian Rodreges
  • Caereph B
  • Anwar Al sawah


The programme of 2024:

  • Planet Womb — Ellen Verbeek
  • Language: no broblem — Marah Haj Hussein
  • La Fiesta de Delfina — Désirée 0100 & Luis Miguel Ramirez Muñoz
  • Vulcanize Me — AUDREY APERS
  • Versterker  — Jinte De Greef
  • Pearls — Joshua Serafin
  • R.I.S.A (Reckless Idiots Seeking for Absolution) — Jr.cE.sA.r / KVS
  • Man Strikes Back — Post uit Hessdalen


The projectpartners in Brussels:

Bronks / KVS / Kaaitheater / Beursschouwburg / Pilar / ZINNEMA

[Read the WijkJury’s findings in the jury report in English]

WijkJury Gent

Thee Ghent WijkJury was put together in 2024 by WijkBuddy Rojda Gülizar Karakuş. In 2019, she moved from Turkey to Ghent to study theater studies at Ghent University. Since 2021, she has been part of the Young Panel of VIERNULVIER. She is also active as a reviewer at Etcetera.

The WijkJury 2024:

  • Freddy Mistiaen
  • Jenny Lemaire
  • Ielde Vermeir
  • Dario Rens
  • Beste Çakır
  • Cretienna Sweep
  • Sevginar Mollahasan
  • Andy Buyst
  • Tarık Safak
  • Sylvester


The programma of 2024:

  • Foreshadow — not standing / Alexander Vantournhout
  • Mémé — Sarah Vanhee
  • Colors — Het Scheldeoffensief, KOPERGIETERY & KGbe
  • She was a friend of someone else — Gosia Wdowik / NOWY TEATR & CAMPO
  • Elektra Unbound — Luanda Casella / NTGent
  • Love Doll Playing with the big boys in a different kind of space — LOD / Lies Pauwels & Frederik Neyrinck
  • UBERmens — Julie Mughunda, Farbod Fathinejadfard, Yuni Mahieu, YOUnited9000, Victoria Deluxe / NTGent
  • German Staatstheater — Rosie Sommers & Micha Goldberg
  • Ombra — Alain Platel
  • Thanks for being here — Ontroerend Goed


The projectpartners in Ghent:

VIERNULVIER / Campo / NTGent / Kopergietery / Opera Ballet van Vlaanderen

[Read the WijkJury’s findings in the jury report in Dutch]