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Opening Night



Thu 05.09, 20:30


Fri 06.09, 20:30


Basic tarif: €26 / +65: €24 / -26: €22
Kansentarief: €4


+ Josse Jnr.




100 min.


Dutch ★★★★ (You need to be able to read, understand and speak Dutch very well)


Jury quote:
"De HOE is living proof that collectives can indeed evolve and stay fresh. Again and again, you see how this ensemble manages to tap into new layers in work which remains unapologetically De HOE"

How do you want to speak? Intensely, right?
You want to speak intensely, don’t you?
How do you want to live? Grandly and passionately, right?
I’ve always played life intensely.
Everything I know about love, I know from playing love.
And then it happened, in the recklessness, always in the recklessness.
That’s when it happened, that’s when I forgot my lines, that’s when I suddenly didn’t know what to say anymore.

Opening Night is the first major production of DE HOE, written by all the writers and performed by all the actors, spanning three generations. Influenced by the exceptional filmmaking of John Cassavetes and the acting of Gena Rowlands, DE HOE performs excess, but also love and vulnerability. Opening Night is a collective quest for a New Emotionality in an emotionally saturated society. Flirting with sentimentality, playing to the death. Spontaneous, yet directed. Genuine and yet not quite.

Night after night, Opening Night unfolds as a premiere thrown into disarray. In the desperate attempt to fill the void when an actor loses their words, seven players embark on a feverish, tragicomic quest to be as veracious as possible.


From and with Natali Broods, Mitch Van Landeghem/Lien Thys, Willem de Wolf, Ans Van den Eede, Carine van Bruggen, Peter Van den Eede, Greg Timmermans, Wannes Gyselinck
Technique Bram De Vreese, Shane Van Laer, Bart Mommerency
Costumes Fran Labarque
Trainees text and dramaturgy Sjoerd Koolma, Jens Dewulf, Tomas Van Balen
Trainee technique Marthe Leon Thys
With thanks to Matthias de Koning
Production DE HOE
Co-production Het Laatste Bedrijf
With the support of CAMPO, the Flemish Government and the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government


"De hele avond is onbedaarlijk springlevend, sexy. Het is oorspronkelijk teksttoneel, uitgevoerd door speelbeesten, dat nog uren door had mogen gaan. Zo warrig, scherp, grappig, wild, kwetsbaar en zoekend."

—De Groene Amsterdammer